Some new-to-us windows!

After installing a couple of the windows that we reclaimed for the old cabin, we realized that none of them opened. Of course, this is less than ideal... we're hoping our future wood stove will make our cabin super hot and we'll be needing lots of airflow! So we went to a local glass shop to … Continue reading

Windows & a loft for the cabin

Before we can go any further with the cabin, we want to go get the logs that will be used to support the loft. Luckily, we have already done most of the work necessary to remove the logs from the abandoned draft dodger cabin (you can read the story about the old cabin here). All that's left is to … Continue reading

Spring Has Sprung

The snow is gone and we're finally back to our future home! Our shell of a house seems to have stood up to the brutal winter, and we're ready to make a house we can live in by the fall. There are many things we hope to accomplish by the end of this summer. The major ones are having power, water, … Continue reading