Looking around the internet, there are a lot of “build your own solar cabin for $2000” posts. It is a very nice price point, but we noticed there is usually a lot missing from these budgets. That $2000 solar cabin usually neglects to mention the costs of doors, windows, insulation and… well, solar panels.

We have a $10,000 GOAL for our LIVABLE CABIN.

What will that include? We are looking to include all raw materials for the cabin, as well as windows, doors, insulation and roofing materials for 10,000 USD. However, tools are a cost that we are going to omit from our budget; we have many tools on loan and we simply could not build this cabin for this price if we had to include that in the budget. Solar panels might be a stretch on this budget as well, but we will tackle that when the time comes.

On every post you will find the list of materials used and the cost listed on the bottom of the post. We will be listing the costs in Canadian dollars, but will update the total costs in US Dollars at the bottom of the post.

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