How we built our cabin floor

On a bright beautiful morning our lift of 2x6s arrived on the property. We decided to buy an entire lift as we could get a good deal on the 2x6s from the lumber mill nearby. We decided we’d build the entire house with 2x6s instead of using a bunch of different sizes for different things in order to save money.

Next we took the 2x6s and combined 3 of them together to make the supporting beams for the floor. To be real technical, we used a chainsaw to cut off the excess length.

Steve, Amanda’s stepfather, who used to work in house building construction and has built 2 houses for himself, is teaching us what to do. He is an extremely valuable knowledge source that we are extremely grateful to have.

Here we’ve got the supporting structure all done up. You can see that we are using a generator to supply the power for the building process.

Next we are putting the floor joists down at 16′ on centre intervals.

And here we’ve got it! The beginnings of our floor!

Next step: we add the plywood. We are using 5/8″ tongue and groove.

As you can see, the building process was a whole family venture!

And we finished! Well… kind of. Our calculations were a little off and we were short just a tiny bit of plywood. Unfortunately, to buy more we need to go to town which is a 3 hour roundtrip drive so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to pick up more and finish…

But here is the family victory shot anyways! We built a floor in one day. Let’s hope the rest of the cabin goes as smoothly.


Cost of Materials Used:

2″x6″x14′ SPF dimensional lumber x 35pcs = $6.40 x 35 = $224

5/8″ tongue and groove plywood x 11pcs = $29.67 x 11 = $326

Cost for this update: $550

Total Cost: $759 ($562 US)

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  1. Everything you are doing is really awesome. My wife and I have been doing research on buying a plot of land and building our own house. While doing research on various things I came across a post on Reddit that brought me here. I’m excited to see that you all are making such great progress and I cant wait to see what you upload next. I’m wishing you good luck on the next faze of construction!

    • Thank you Eric! We really appreciate your kind words. Where are you looking at buying land? Are you thinking of doing an off grid cabin as well?