Last steps before winter

Last steps before winter

Winter is coming.

Our goal was always to have the house sealed up with a roof and walls before the winter hit. In the final days, we’re just about there. The final steps have been to put plywood, shingles and a skylight on the roof, and this is where we are. It’s getting awfully cold, so the roof is getting a little slippery, but it looks like we might just finish just in time.

Originally, we were simply going to trim the overhang down to 2 ft. Looking at the finished product with it’s 5.5ft overhang, we decided it would be foolish to waste all that wood, so we’re leaving it on. It will cost a bit more in plywood and shingles, but we think it will be worth it in the end.

First thing is to cut off the end of each roof joist so that it is perfectly perpendicular with the ground. A level, a pencil and a skill saw is all that we need for that.

Then things get a little dicey. We really have no scaffolding so we have to get a bit creative with how to hold the piece of wood on the end of the roof joists. Enter monkey man, James. Holding onto the braces we installed on the roof for putting up the plywood, this is the best idea we came up with…

So after that operation, everything else is a breeze. We just put all the plywood on the roof and started shingling. The roofing is back breaking work, and it’s getting slippery, but we managed to get the entire south facing roof on before calling it quits.

The backside of the house faces north, and has become too slippery to stand on, so unfortunately, we won’t get the shingles done. To keep the house dry inside, we have covered the unshingled roof with tar paper. That should be fine for temporarily keeping the snow out of the house and deal with the melt until spring.

In a few days we will wrap the house in home-wrap to keep moisture out, but this is basically the last thing we can do until the spring. Up until this point, we’ve spent a grand total of $3654CDN!

Thanks for following us this far, we’ll be back once all the snow is gone and we can get back to building!


Costs of Materials Used:


26 * 1/2″ plywood = 26 * $22.94 = $596

Skylight 2’x4′ = $149

Skylight flashing = $68

14 * bundles shingles = 27 * $23.75 = $333

2 * bundles shingle starter = $27.49 * 2 = $55

Roofing nails (box – 7200pcs) = $28

36″ roofing felt = $26

1000 soft home wrap = $81

Cost for this update = $1335

Total Cost = $3345 ($2478 US) 

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  1. You guys are awesome, and I am so inspired by the home you have made! Thank you for sharing your experience! I hope to do the same thing myself soon!

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