OSB to finish the walls

OSB to finish the walls

Now we finally get to close in the walls of the house. To do this, all we have to do is put up the Oriented-Strand-Board (OSB) 4×8 panels on the outside of the studs of the house. Sounds easy right? Well, turns out that lifting OSB up a ladder really sucks.

The lowest level of OSB was a pretty simple task, lift it up, screw it into place. However, when it got to the upper level, things got a little more difficult without having access to scaffolding. While OSB is lighter than plywood, it’s still not exactly easy to carry around. To do this well, we also wanted to leave a gap between the pieces of OSB to allow moisture to escape.

After some head scratching, we decided that putting in some guiding screws to rest the panel on would be the best bet. Then James would carry up the OSB, place it on the guiding screws and hold it up with one hand while operating a drill with another. Dicey, but we got it done.

Once the boards were being help up, it was simply a matter of going over all of them with a nail gun and securing them into place.

And the house now has an INSIDE! There’s a couple of gaps, and, y’know, no roof…. but we’re well on our way to something here!

Costs of Materials Used:

24 * (4’x8′) 3/8″OSB = 24 * $14.15 = $339

Cost for this update = $339

Total Cost = $1751 ($1297 US)

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