Our Story

Our Story

We’re two crazy individuals who were given an amazing opportunity and have decided to make a once-in-a-lifetime adventure out of it!

Amanda’s parents moved to Northern British Columbia, Canada over 10 years ago from the lower mainland (Vancouver area for those not from BC) and they’ve been trying to convince her to move up for years. She was not convinced.

It took meeting the right partner to decide that we were interested in moving north. Despite being raised in the Big Smoke (Toronto, Canada’s biggest city), James was fascinated with a rural lifestyle, self-sufficiency, and survivalism.  Amanda’s parents generously offered to split off 12 acres of their 300 acre lot to gift to us if we wanted to come up and build a cabin. And so we made the move.

We recognize that we’ve been incredibly lucky in many ways – being given a piece of land is certainly not an opportunity that everyone gets! We also have the wonderful resource of Amanda’s parents to draw upon – they built their own house and have lived off-grid now for 12 years so we get to learn from them AND all their mistakes! However, it’s up to us to take these amazing opportunities and DO something with them and we plan on it.

A rural off-the-grid lifestyle is new for both of us so this will be a huge learning curve. We have never built anything in our entire lives. We have never lived in the wilderness. This entire process will be challenging, but hopefully we will show what two motivated people can accomplish with a little help. Join us on this crazy adventure!

About Us

Amanda: I’m 30 years old and grew up in the lower mainland (Vancouver area) of BC. I am lucky to have parents who have lived off-grid in northern BC for 12 years now and have quite a lot of experience and knowledge to share with us. I grew up in a farming town and consider myself a small town girl, but have been living in the city for almost 10 years. I was working as a Development Coordinator for a children’s charity helping vulnerable inner-city children, which I loved, but it was time for a change so I quit my job and made the move north!

James: I’m 35 years old and grew up in the big city of Toronto. I am fascinated by the small town, rural lifestyle and excited to learn so many new things! I’ve held a lot of job titles over the years, including event coordinator, art curator, and sales. Although I have no real skills to tackle this challenge in front of me, I consider myself a quick learner and a hard worker. It will take both traits to get through this challenge…

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