Putting up a ridge beam log without dying

Putting up a ridge beam log without dying

We have finally got to a scary moment in our cabin; the ridge beam. The question we’ve been asking ourselves for weeks is:

“How do we get a 24ft log that weighs many hundreds of pounds 16ft into the air?”

And the answer is either brains or muscle. So, since we’re short on brains at the moment, you’re just going to have to carry it up there!

Although we have a lot of bracing, the first step was the stabilize the house a little bit more. To do this, we simply put up a bit of sheathing to really tie the whole house together. It’s surprising just how much more stable everything is after this step.

Bringing the log from the old torn down cabin is a relatively simple job. James ends up having to ride the thing the whole distance to make sure it stays centred.

Afterwards, we simply lifted it out of the trailer and put it into the house on the floor. It was important to leave one side completely clear of sheathing so that we could actually get the log into the house.

For the next step, the actual lifting of the log, we had to call in a bit of reinforcement. Though Steve is easily strong enough to lift one side of the log, that might have been a bit of a tall order for James. In comes Evan! He is a local friend who is also a carpenter. A good friend to have!

Both Steve and Evan place their ladders and secure them to the ground. Then we put some straps around the log at both ends and simply start climbing. The first place we can stop is at the top of the 8ft wall.

And then we can stop again at the top of the pony wall.

For the final lift, the log is going to have to go a further 4.5ft and plop down right on top of the vertical logs. We make some braces to ensure the log doesn’t fall off the far side and everyone gets clear incase of a disaster.

And without too much effort or disaster, the log is up there! We simply have to nail it in and we are done for the day. Evan was promised a steak for his lifting, a great deal for everyone involved! Thanks Evan and Steve!!

Costs of Materials Used:

2 x 12″ nail = 2 x $1

Cost for this update = $2

Total Cost = $1412 ($1045 US)

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