Removing an Old Disgusting Roof from a Log Cabin

Removing an Old Disgusting Roof from a Log Cabin

Last time you saw us, we were getting prepared to dismantle an old log cabin and reclaim a bunch of materials. We are happy to say that over the last few days we have made massive gains on that goal! Below you can see the cabin before we start removing the roof.

Over the weekend we had a lot of learning to do about how to take apart a 50 year old cabin without completely destroying the place or hurting ourselves. At first we had some questionable techniques…

That is Amanda trying to remove some rough-cut 1×4 boards from the side porch with a crowbar and a rock; it didn’t work out that well… But once we started to amass knowledge about how this place was put together we started to move quickly and gain some valuable materials.

Getting all that tin off the roof was tough work, and unfortunately, the tin was fastened down with nails instead of screws, so the tin was damaged beyond what we would like for use on our own cabin. We are keeping the tin for other projects, but we will have to think about other materials for our own roof. The insulation has been completely infested with rats and is garbage. You can see our large pile of it on the right of the cabin.

You can see that we have gotten through to some very nice rough-cut 2×6″ lumber and skylights. The skylights are questionable in that they seem to have leaked into this house. We are not sure that’s something we want to put into our roof, but the lumber is a nice surprise.

After removing the 2×6″ lumber, and the plywood, we are finally getting to what we came for: the logs! Luckily, they are in amazing condition and are about 40′ long. This is much larger than we need, so we will have to cut them down.

In the end we haul 3 trailers full of materials to our temporary storage area. Happy and exhausted, we’ve had a lot of progress, but there is a lot more to go. Reclaiming materials is rewarding, but much more work than we had anticipated.

And that’s it for this update. Next we will have to figure out how to remove those massive logs. This is a huge haul for us, but we’re not 100% sure how we are going to get the logs down… chainsaw time? Check out our next update for some crazy and potentially dangerous action.

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  1. That is a lot of work you two are doing! I’m following your progress, hope you can get to your goals before the snow hits!

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