Slapping on a roof

Slapping on a roof

Turns out that putting up the roof joists really isn’t that hard. Grab a 2×6, carry it up the ladder and slap it on the ridge beam. Space them apart 16″ on centre and screw them down into the ridge beam. Afterwards, you install hurricane clips to attached them to the wall and voila…. you have roof joists!

This actually all happened so quickly that we barely had time to take pictures!

And there you have it! The rest of roofing is going to be as simple and painless as that, right? RIGHT?!


Costs of Materials Used:

34 * 16ft 2″x6″ SPF dimensional lumber = 34 * $6.40 = $218

26 Hurricane clips = 26 * $1.59 = $41

Cost for this update = $259

Total Cost = $2010 ($1489 US)

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