The Land

We live in the north. We are located in Northern British Columbia, Canada, around the same latitude as the southern tip of Alaska. It gets very cold here in the winters with lots of snow. Summers are mild and very short. It will be important to have a home that can withstand these conditions.

The land is very remote. To give you an idea of how remote we are – it takes about 3 hours roundtrip to go to a gas station or grocery store and our driveway is 7km of rough and bumpy dirt maintained by us. Our nearest neighbour is about 10km away (10K Cabin both refers to the budget and the distance from our closest neighbour) and we are surrounded by thousands of acres of crown land (government owned land).

We are entirely off-grid. Yes, that’s right, no electricity, running water, nothing. That will prove to be it’s own challenge in many ways, from generating  and storing power & water, to accessing our home in the winter.

Luckily, our land is free. Thanks to the generosity of Amanda’s parents, we were given 12 acres of lake front property in Northern British Columbia, Canada.  We have access to water, but more importantly, we have access to all the knowledge of Amanda’s parents, who have been living here for 12 years.

The site is an uncleared forest. The site is completely covered with trees and the first project is to clear the land so that we can start to build! Above, you will see a scan of the last time a survey was completed on the property; in 1913!!