The Old Draft Dodger Cabin

The Old Draft Dodger Cabin

Before we moved here, a group of a draft dodgers lived on this land. They moved up here to avoid conscription into the Vietnam War. In total, there were three cabins built on the property but, of which, only one remains standing in a shape that is safe enough to enter. This is that cabin.

This log cabin was built from trees gathered on the surrounding land. Just stepping in the front door you can see and feel the history of the family that lived here. There are two children’s rooms upstairs, lots of child’s drawings on the walls, a well used family room with old DIY books rotting away on one wall, and a little bathroom with a funky red tub. This cabin was well loved.

However, the whole place is falling apart: the bottom four logs of the entire house are rotting away, there is a lot of mold and rats have completely moved in. It is not salvageable; the safest thing to do would be to burn it to the ground. But not before we get what we need. We haven’t inventoried the house for what we want, but who knows what surprise materials it may hold…

Here starts the process of dismantling this old cabin.

5 thoughts on “The Old Draft Dodger Cabin

  1. Hi Amanda and James,

    This looks like a wonderful adventure. I’m sending the best of luck from here in the UK and I’ll be following along with interest.


    1. It makes us very happy to have people interested from all over the world! We’re curious, is building an off-grid cabin something that is done in the UK? Do you have remote wilderness that people do these types of things in?

      1. Hi,

        It’s very uncommon to do something like this in the UK. Land is very expnsive over here and the planning restrictions can make something like this very difficult even if money was no object.

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