The Site is Prepped and We’re Ready to Start Building!

The Site is Prepped and We’re Ready to Start Building!

We are getting close to building our cabin! This is an extremely exciting time for us.

For this update, we are simply clearing the final bits of land in preparation for breaking ground. We have made enough of a clearing now that burning brush has become safe enough to do without fear of causing an uncontrolled fire. To help us push along faster, Amanda’s grandparents, Bruno and Rhama, have joined us for the final clearing. There is something very special about having the grandparents help build this cabin that’s impossible to put into words. This is a whole family effort!

The elder dog of the pack, Cougar, approves of the view and clearing of the land. Although she’s not a dog that’s likely to help with any work, she always keeps guard and helps protect us from the vast amount of wild creatures roaming these woods.

The clearing has now become usable, but we are still missing a very important element: the driveway. Clearing a path down the hill to our site that is large enough to fit a truck is a daunting task. Obviously, tree trunks cause serious issues to cars and we have to remove them or chop them down enough to get by. The trucks we are using, a Ford F-150 and a Toyota FJ have both been fitted for life in the wilderness: they have skid plates, lift kits and all-terrain tires so we can avoid causing too much damage when we try to get to our house.


And here we are! It took many days of work, but we got the Ford down to the site. Now it’s time to get a backhoe down here to dig out the foundation!

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