We Finally Start Building And What Happens? SNOW!

We Finally Start Building And What Happens? SNOW!

Well, the most unexpected thing happened…

We really didn’t want to dig our foundation holes by hand, so we had to wait for a friend in the community to come with his backhoe to dig some holes. When he finally came, guess what… OUR FIRST SNOWFALL!!! EEEK!!! Luckily, it wasn’t a big snowfall and it’s already starting to melt. So hopefully it was just a freak snowfall and will go away soon.

Still, we are very excited: the building phase has begun! Our first step, to dig 9 holes to put 6×6 pressure treated wood posts into the ground which will serve as our foundation. We have chosen to use treated wood posts because they are cost-efficient and easy to install in the middle of nowhere. However, the limitation is that we will need to replace the posts soonish. We plan on digging them up eventually and replacing them with concrete piers.

We wanted to put each post into the ground 5 feet. However, after about 4 feet the backhoe hit bedrock and we weren’t able to go any deeper. So, we just went with what we had and put them on the bedrock.

The next step was to ensure that each post the same height. To get this done, we used the simplest thing posssible: a water level. We filled a hose with water and inserted a clear section of tubing at the end. When you hold this up to each post, it will tell you where to cut it to make them all the same height! If you can understand the little diagram below, then you get how this works.

Et voila! We have something to build on. The snow is really scary though, so we have to get our butts moving real quick to get some walls and a roof on before we stop for the deep winter. Will this snow go away? Will we make it before it gets too icy to work? Are we crazy?

Tune in next week to find out!


Cost of Materials:

6″x6″x20′ pressure treated lumber x 2 = $82 x 2 = $164

6″x6″x12′ pressure treated lumber = $45

Cost for this update: $209

Total Cost: $209 ($155 US)

2 thoughts on “We Finally Start Building And What Happens? SNOW!

  1. The site looks beautiful and I’m sure the treated posts will last for a good while. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys get dried in, it will be a battle 🙂

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