With a little help from the family

With a little help from the family

It’s starting to get beautiful here just as the season are supposed to change; it’s odd that September has already been nicer than most of the summer. The fall will be arriving soon and we are very close to clearing out the lakefront that we wanted. On the right you can see the large pine tree that marks the western edge of our lakefront, and just out of view on the left side are the other pine trees that make the eastern boundary.

We knew we had to get moving quicker, so we’ve had to call in some help. Amanda’s parents (Steve and Kelly) have been living off-grid for 12 years now and know what it takes to make it. They have been with us through the planning process, and Steve will be guiding us through the whole clearing and building phase of the cabin. We needed more muscle and someone more confident with a chainsaw to take out the larger trees, so he has come down today to do some really heavy lifting.

Without the guidance and inspiration (and obvious generosity of gifting us the land) that Kelly and Steve provide we would never have even started this crazy project. It was entirely their assurances that we could achieve the dream that set us down this path. Although Steve’s estimate of building a cabin in one week is a vast exaggeration, it motivates us to push through the building to get to our goal before the winter hits. He has built numerous houses with his bare hands, so we are placing our trust in him entirely to guide us through this and push us when we get stuck. One of these days we will write about their story.

The land should be clear enough within the week to start building if we don’t run into any problems. What are we going to do with all these stumps?! and when the snow will get here?

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